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Inside Hue Affair’s Brooklyn Tour 2022

Saturday, September 10, 2022, The Natural Hair Community descended upon Brooklyn’s City Point Mall for the final leg of Hue Affair’s National Tour. Boasting 5000+ attendees over the past five years, NY Beauty Suites wouldn’t have dreamed of missing the party! High-profile sponsors such as The Doux and Shea Moisture were in attendance, mixing and mingling with loyal customers, selling nothing, and offering tons of free product! In addition, smaller brands like Canviiy, a medicinal hair care line, and Femafric, a Sierra Leone-based wig company, were vending to the masses. Hue Affair’s mission to spotlight small businesses often dwarfed in the larger hair and beauty industry was realized on this tour! Watch the video below for a peek at our Top 3 Vendors of the night!